StarLife Assurance Company Limited Ghana Child Lifeline Plus Insurance Products

StarLife Assurance Company Limited Ghana Child Lifeline Plus Insurance Products

Child Lifeline Plus

The dream of providing quality education for our children and wards will not be attained until we make a lifetime commitment to invest and make adequate provision towards financing the cost of educating them from the cradle to the highest level of quality education.

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The StarLife Child Lifeline Plus will help you fulfill your dream of giving quality education to the highest level possible to your ward(s) or child(ren). It will assist you plan financially whilst ensuring that your child still receives quality education even in the event of your permanent disability or pre-mature demise.


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The Child Lifeline Plus is an endowment plan designed to meet your ward(s) or child(ren)’s education financing needs now and in the future.


All potential Child Lifeline Plus subscribers should meet the following basic requirements:

  • A minimum of GH¢50.00 a month to start with;
  • Should be 18 years or above but not over 52 years;
  • Have the desire and patience to grow your wealth over a period not less than eight years.


  • Maturity Benefit- The Sum Assured indicated on the policy is payable at the maturity of the policy. The maturity date is the expiry of the term of the policy
  • Death benefit – Your beneficiaries will benefit from the sum assured stated on the policy in the event of your demise
  • Policy Loans – Policyholders may access policy loans after 24 months contribution of premiums


  • Critical Illness/Dread Disease
  • Total and Permanent Disability
  • Retrenchment (12 months waiver of premium)

Enjoy waiver of premium benefit in the event of the above 3 life contingencies

  • Personal Accident for your child
  • Increment Benefit – To hedge your benefit against inflation

The table below summarizes the annual benefit structure with its respective premium increment

OptionsAnnual Premium IncreaseAnnual Benefit Increase
Option 110%6%
Option 215%9%
Option 320%12%


  • Prompt payment of all legitimate claims;
  • Assured of speed and excellent Customer service support

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