StarLife Mortgage Protection Plan

StarLife Mortgage Protection Plan

Buying a home is a big responsibility which requires a major financial commitment. It is rather heart breaking to think that your family will lose their home in the event of your sudden demise or if you become totally and permanently disabled and as such cannot repay your mortgage loan.It is in this regard that we have our Mortgage Protection Policy.

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This policy is a Unique Renewable Term Assurance Policy which pays off the outstanding mortgage when the event insured against happens within the terms and conditions of the policy.It therefore helps to secure the ownership of your home.

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Death /Total and Permanent Disability Benefit
In the event of the above, the outstanding loan amount will be paid on your behalf, which will take burden of settling the loan off the shoulders of your loved ones.

The insurance cover however, will not extend to cover:

  • Default
  • Interest

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