State Insurance Company (SIC) Ghana Aviation Insurance

State Insurance Company (SIC) Ghana Aviation Insurance

SIC’s aviation insurance products cover risks associated with the manufacture, ownership, operation, and maintenance of aircrafts and the operations of aviation facilities on the ground.

  • Aviation Insurance

The range of aviation policies are designed to cover the risks associated with the use and operations of Aircraft. Policies available includes the following:

Aviation Hull All Risks & Liabilities Policy:

The Policy covers physical loss or damage to the following:
  • Aircraft owned or operated or leased to the insured.
  • Passengers Liability in respect of death or bodily injury.
  • Death or Bodily Injury to third parties not being carried in the aircraft.
  • Loss or Damage to third party property.

Aviation Hull War Risks Policy:

War / Hijacking risks are excluded under the Aviation Hull All Risks cover.However, this policy provides cover for the above exclusion at an additional premium. There must have been in force an Aviation Hull All Risks Policy to enable you take out this policy.

Aviation Hull Deductible Policy:

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