State Insurance Company (SIC) Ghana Marine Insurance

State Insurance Company (SIC) Ghana Marine Insurance

SIC’s marine portfolio consists of hull and cargo.

The cargo business covers insurance of goods carried on board ships or vessels and aircrafts. The hull business covers the insurance of ships, fishing vessels etc as well as the liability coverage of ports and harbour operators, stevedorers, shorehandlers, ship repairers and third party liability coverage of vessel owners or operators.

  • Marine Cargo Insurance

SIC’s Marine Cargo Insurance Policy offers protection against loss, theft or damage to goods/property conveyed by sea and waterways such as rivers, lakes and canals, as well as personal effects carried by air are also covered. This ensures that investments of importers and exporters are safe.

The Marine Cargo Insurance can also be used as collateral to establish letters of credit with the banks.

Importers and Exporters are faced with many and varied risks associated with goods in transit. The SIC Marine Cargo Policy offers two main covers namely;

  1. Interim Cover
  2. Open Cover


The Marine Interim Cover protects Importers and Exporters who do not yet have full details of their shipment to be insured once they provide the suppliers invoice.


With the Open Cover, SIC agrees to insure and the Insured agrees to declare all imports and exports on receipt of the bill of laden. This cover gives you 24hour protection all year round and grants you automatic insurance even before you think of your imports and exports.

  • Marine Hull Insurance

The SIC Marine Hull Policy insures ocean-going vessels, crafts and fishing vessels.The Policy specifically covers loss or damage to:-

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