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Sunyani Nursing Training College Examination Timetable 2023

Sunyani Nursing Training College Examination Timetable – College Examination Policy

Semester Examination

The marks obtained in the end of semester examination shall contribute 70% of the grade for the
course while continuous assessment contributes to the remaining 30% (except for practical or other
courses which are assessed entirely by continuous assessment). A candidate who fails to obtain
CGPA of 1.50 in the first two-semester examination shall be asked by the head of the institution to
withdraw from the college. A student shall progress to the subsequent semesters only when he/she
obtains 1.50 GPA or will be asked to withdrawn. A student who fails a course for three repeated
times shall be withdrawn from the college.

Licensure Examination

Students write external examination conducted by the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Ghana before
obtaining Professional Identification number.

Eligibility for Examination

In respect of the approved course of study, a student shall be required to attend all such lectures,
tutorials and practical and to undertake all such assignments as may be required by the college.
A student who does not fulfill the requirements for any course will not be allowed to take the
examination for the course. In any case, a student who is absent for a cumulative period of twenty
one (21) days from all lectures, tutorials and practical for any course in any semester shall be
deemed to have withdrawn from the course. Such student shall not be permitted to sit for the
semester examination.

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