UEW Department Of Communication And Media Studies Programmes

UEW Department Of Communication And Media Studies Programmes

(a)  Rationale

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This Communication programme is designed to bring the vast resources in language teaching and training available at the University of Education, Winneba, to bear on the content and practice of communication. The programme, thus, emphasizes the acquisition of skills in the use of language, the central function of which is communication.

In addition to the core objectives of enhancing the skill and understanding of our graduates in the use of language in the achievement of communication needs is the need for an understanding of the application of the models and principles of communication and the media in pedagogy and educational management. Issues of instructional media and technology as well as the empowerment of teachers to contribute to and participate in media programmes and programming for professional purposes are of major concern to us, as a teacher training institution, in this age of Information Society. Extensive opportunities exist for teacher contribution to radio and rural newspaper content in our current pluralistic media climate and within the context of the Information Society. There are also opportunities for the training and development of public affairs specialists for education sector institutions, especially institutions of higher learning.

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also enabled to conduct investigations into writing and reading in our educational system and help offer solutions to problems in those aspects of language use.

(b)     Goals and objectives

It is planned that, irrespective of their electives, at the end of their training, our graduates will be able to:

●     appreciate the central role of communication in human existence;

●     communicate more effectively in both oral and written modes, with attention to ethical, social, linguistic and discoursal considerations;

●     demonstrate the ability to analyze and critically evaluate communication practices, messages and outcomes in various context;

●     apply with confidence communication skills and knowledge in their careers and/or future academic endeavours;

●     acquire the know-how for producing and analyzing media content as well as develop methods and approaches to the teaching of media literacy.



6.    Employment Prospects of Graduands.                                                


The introduction of communication skills and language study courses in our universities and other tertiary institutions have underscored the need for people to be       specifically trained to teach these courses. Our programme offers courses in Business Management such as Business Communication, Advertising, Public Relations and Public Speaking, all of which have the use of language as their central resource and yet, are all crucial in the education sector.

The employment prospects of our students exist in all polytechnics and universities in the country, since communication skills, as a course, is taught in all these institutions. Also, graduates of this programme will be needed to handle the Public Speaking, Business Communication, and Public Relations courses which are regular features of       the Business Administration and Management Studies programmes in our polytechnics and universities.

Finally, it is expected that an internship/practicum dimension of the programme would provide our graduates with the practical orientation and the requisite skills for   finding placement in the corporate world as employees or entrepreneurs in the field of communication.

Additionally, the following employable skills are offered by the various tracks of the programme:

Communication Skills Track

Graduates of this track will function as effective teachers of Communication Skills and related courses in tertiary institutions. Graduates of this track will also function as media practitioners. The combination of both print and electronic media courses in their training will enable them to function in a more versatile and holistic way in the media, harnessing the needs and resources of each as and when necessary. They will also be enabled to conduct research into the media and media related aspect of society.

 Business Communication Track

Students graduating from this track are enabled to function in academic as well as non-academic institutions as advertising and public relations experts. Their combined knowledge in public relations and advertising is particularly useful in their image-management roles.