UEW Faculty of Business Education Programmes

UEW Faculty of Business Education Programmes


The mandate of the Department of Accounting Studies Education (DASE) is to train accounting teachers for the schools and colleges. It also trains personnel for industry and commerce. The department also conducts research, disseminates relevant knowledge, and influences educational policy on Business Education. This mandate has not changed over the plan period. Its strategic objectives are

  1. To recruit and retain high caliber academic and supporting staff
  2. To develop and strengthen post graduate studies
  3. To develop the professional and academic competences of staff
  4. To integrate ICT into the teaching and learning process of the Department
  5. To generate more income for the department.


The Department of Accounting Studies Education (DASE) trains accounting teachers for second cycle educational institutions. It also trains non-teachers for industry and commerce. Its vision is to become a centre of excellence recognised for accountancy education worldwide. The mission is to inculcate in its graduates the requisite academic proficiency and professional competencies in accountancy education as well as conduct research, disseminate relevant knowledge and influence educational policy on business education in Ghana and the ECOWAS region.

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