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UEW Ghanaian Languages Education Facility – Ajumako Campus

University Of Education Winneba Faculties | Ghanaian Languages Education


The Faculty of Ghanaian Languages Education at the University of Winneba, Ajumako campus is one of the academic units established within the University. The Faculty offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Our mandate is to provide quality language education through teaching, research and dissemination of research findings. Currently, the faculty consists of four departments: Akan-Nzema Education, Ewe Education, Ga-Dangme Education and Gur-Gonja Education.

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Our mission is to train and prepare students to speak and write the said languages to enable them to teach at the basic, secondary and tertiary levels of education. Students are also adequately trained to take up jobs like programme presentation, news reading and community education using their language of study thereby bringing the University and the Nation abreast of current state of knowledge and progress in the field of languages.

Departments and Units

Ga-Dangme Education
Gur-Gonja Education
Ewe Education
Akan-Nzema Education

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