Universal Money Transfer

Universal Money Transfer

Universal Payment Transfer (UPT) is a payment system, to send and receive Money form Turkey or abroad, in a cheap, fast and reliable way.

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With UPT, you can send money from all UPT Service Locations in Turkey;
  • to any worldwide bank account
  • for cash payout to the selected countries


You can send money from UPT Service Locations in the world;

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  • to any bank account and credit card in Turkey.
  • for cash payout at any Turkish Post Offices (PTT), Aktif Bank branches and MoneyPost Offices in Turkey.

Your Advantages with UPT


Cheaper than banks or other money transfer companies. No deductions or charges to your receipent.


Cash payouts received
within minutes.


You can send and receive money through more than 4.700 locations in Turkey, and more than 400.000 locations worldwide.

Sending Money Is Easy With UPT

Go to the nearest UPT Service Location with your valid identification document and fill out the Send Money Form.
Give the transaction amount and fee to the cashier.
Simply mention the reference number of the transaction to the recipient.

Receiving Money Is Fast With UPT

For cash payouts, you can receive your money from the nearest UPT Service Location with the transaction reference number and your valid identification document.

The cashier will check your transaction and pay your money with your transaction documents.


You can contact us via the way below, share your suggestions, complaints and demands with us.

You can visit the nearest UPT Service Location for more detailed information and questions on your transactions.

You can contact us via our call centre number 0850 724 0 878 from everywhere in Turkey without dialing an area code, or by dialing +90 0850 724 0 878 from abroad.

If you would like to share anything with UPT, you may send your message by filling out the following communication form.

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