University of Ghana Akuafo Hall Annexes C & D

University of Ghana Akuafo Hall Annexes C & D

Akuafo Hall started functioning in 1953 with the appointment of Prof. D A. Taylor as the Hall Master designate .A thirteen-member Hall Council was appointed to see to the academic and administrative activities of the Hall. In 1954, the Hall council decided to name the Hall Akuafo in appreciation of the generous gesture of the farmers of the then Gold Coast who through the cocoa marketing board contributed considerable sums of money for the establishment of Akuafo Hall as a Hall of residence. These farmers also contributed to other structural works for the University College of the Gold Coast in a project which was spearheaded by Dr.J.B Danquah. The Government and people of the United Kingdom also contribute largely to the establishment of Akuafo Hall as the second Hall of residence. In appreciation of these contributions a tablet embedded in the floor of the porters lodge, in the main Hall reads;

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This memorial tablet (A.D. 1955) records our gratitude to the people of the United kingdom for their unstinted aid in the building of Akuafo Hall and with grateful hearts we likewise commemorate those same farmers of this country whose generous giving and kindness have so often benefitted the university at large.

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