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University of Ghana E-Learning

University of Ghana Digital Collections (UGSpace)

UGSpace is the institutional repository of the University of Ghana. UGSpace is an open access electronic archive for the collection, preservation and distribution of digital materials. UGSpace was established to facilitate the deposit of digital content of a scholarly or heritage nature to ultimately share, preserve and promote the intellectual output of the University in a managed environment.

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  • Journals [147]
  • Lectures and Speeches [38]
  • Policies, Newsletters and Newspapers [17]
  • Reports [99]
  • Research Articles [4232]
  • Theses [3292]
  • United Nations [157]
  • University of Ghana Readers [73]
  • Work In Progress [275]

Recently Added

  • Title:Survey Of The Mango Tree Decline Disease, Characterisation Of The Causal Agent And Some Aspects Of The Biocontrol Of The Pathogen In GhanaAuthor:Coleman, S.R.Date:2016-07
  • Title:Stock Markets, Banks And Growth In Sub-Saharan AfricaAuthor:Ngotho, P.S.Date:2016-07
  • Title:Spirituality And Psychosocial Factors Associated With Marital Distress Among Women In Rural And Urban Settings In GhanaAuthor:Ofosu-Budu, D.Date:2014-07
  • Title:Species Diversity Of Bedbugs And Environmental Factors Influencing Their SurvivalAuthor:Karikari, U.A.Date:2016-07
  • Title:Structural And Petrologic Evolution Of The Internal Lithotectonic Units Of The Dahomeyide Orogen In Southeastern GhanaAuthor:Nyavor, E.Date:2016-07

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