University of Ghana Graduate School Grading System

University of Ghana Grading System


Student performance in a course shall be graded as follows:
Letter Grade                   Marks                      Grade Point                Interpretation
A                                      80 – 100                         4.0                             Outstanding
B+                                    75 – 79                           3.5                             Very Good
B                                       70 – 74                          3.0                             Good
C+                                     65 – 69                          2.5                             Fairly Good
C                                       60 – 64                          2.0                             Average
D+                                     55 – 59                          1.5                             Below Average
D                                        50 – 54                         1.0                             Marginal Pass
E                                         45-49                           0.5                             Unsatisfactory
F                                         0 – 44                            0                                Fail
Note: *Although this is a failure grade, it may still be accepted as fulfilling prerequisite for other courses.

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Other Grades
Grade                            Interpretation                            Grade Point
X                                     Fail                                                      0
Z                                     Disqualification                                 0
I                                      Incomplete                                         0
Y                                     Continuing                                         0
AUDI                              Audit                                                   0

Grade Point (GP): Each Grade shall be assigned equivalent grade point as indicated
above. The number of (grade) points earned by a student for each course completed is
computed as the product of the number of credits for the course and the grade point
equivalent of the grade obtained in that course.
Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA): The student’s cumulative grade point
average shall be calculated by dividing the total number of grade points obtained, up to
any specified time, by the total number of credits for all courses for which the student has
registered up to that time.
Final Grade Point Average (FGPA): The FGPA shall be the CGPA for all courses
under consideration calculated up to the end of a student’s academic programme.

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Pass Grades: Grades A, B+, B and C constitute Pass grades.
Failure Grades: Grades D, F, X, Z constitute Failure grades.
Continuing: A grade Y (for Continuing) shall be awarded at the end of a semester to
any student who is taking a course which continues into the next semester

Non-Completion of Course
i. A grade I (for Incomplete) shall be awarded to a student who is unable to complete a
course for reasons adjudged by the Board of Graduate Studies as acceptable. Such a
student shall be expected to complete the course the very next time the course is
ii. A grade X shall be awarded to a student who is unable to complete a course for reasons
adjudged by the Board of Graduate Studies as unacceptable.
i. A grade Z denotes disqualification from an examination as a result of an examination
malpractice or offence, and shall be awarded whenever it is established that a candidate
had attempted to gain an unfair advantage in an examination.
ii. A candidate awarded a grade Z may be barred from taking a University Examination for
a stated period, or indefinitely, or may be expelled from the University.
iii. A grade Z may be awarded only by the Board of Graduate Studies.

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