University of Ghana Undergraduate Courses for 2024/2025

University of Ghana Undergraduate Courses for 2024/2025

List of Undergraduate Programmes/Courses Offered at the University of Ghana (UG) Legon. The University of Ghana is one of the traditional universities in Ghana. There are four main colleges under the university. Each one of these colleges offers incredible courses to educate and shape students for their future occupations. Colleges with well-structured at the University of Ghana are the College of Health Science, the College of Basic and Applied Science, the College of Humanities, and the College of Education.

Undergraduate Courses are the first qualification awarded by a university. The University of Ghana Undergraduate Programmes offered are, diploma courses, degree courses. The university admits students to read their courses based on the student’s previous qualifications. Read more on the University of Ghana Admission Requirement.

Key Note: Medicine and Surgery is offered as an undergraduate course although it requires six years to complete.

We have categorized the Undergraduate programmes offered at the university according to colleges offering them. Find below the list of UG colleges and the courses they offer.

1. UG College Of Health Science Courses

2. UG College Of Basic and Applied Science Courses

3. UG College Of Humanities Courses  

4. UG College Of Education Courses