University of California McNair Scholarship – Study In USA

University of California McNair Scholarship – Study In USA

McNair scholarship program is designed to produce highly educated nation. It is very common in university that most of the students do not continue education after undergraduate education. Once their earn their undergraduate degree, the get involved with jobs and business. They don’t pay any attention to continue their education up to doctorate level. McNair Scholarship Program has risen to change this scenario. This scholarship program helps the high school graduate students to complete their undergraduate education and undergraduate students to go on o Masters degree and Masters degree students to PhD degree. This is the purpose of McNair Scholarship Program. If you have the intention to complete your higher education and earn your PhD degree, then McNair Scholarship Program will be always with you.

Benefit of McNair Scholarship Program of University of California,Berkeley:

McNair Scholarship Program take a close look to the selected students and find out their needs. That is why this scholarship is not a fixed amount scholarship. There are several benefits that come with this scholarship together. They are:

  1. Tuition fee waver up to 100% based on the financial condition of the family
  2. Direct mentors-ship from faculty member of University of California, Berkeley
  3. Guaranteed Graduate School admission opportunity
  4. Fund for research
  5. $2800 every year as cost of research
  6. Full free GRE course and exam fees

These are the benefits of McNair Scholarship program.  The most attractive offer of this scholarship is the completion of Gradation is guaranteed if you achieve this scholarship.


Every year only a few selected students are awarded with this scholarship. The students are very carefully chosen, so that everyone of them have the potential to complete their higher education and have the spirit to earn PhD degree. The eligibility of this scholarship are:

  1.  To apply for this scholarship, student must complete at least 60 credits/units.
  2. Applicant must have CGPA more than 3
  3. Applicant must be an US citizen or permanent resident of US or has the residing permission up to completion of entire education degree program.
  4. Applicant must be the first member of his/her family who is enrolled in University of California, Berkeley.
  5. The family income must be low enough to be eligible for financial support.
  6. And finally the applicant must be an enrolled regular student of University of California, Berkeley.

Students who meet the above criteria are eligible for McNair Scholarship Program. There is no option to compete in this scholarship program if any of those requirements is not fulfilled.

How to Apply:

To apply for this scholarship, you need several papers ready. First thing is your academic transcript, second is an Statement of Purpose (SOP), third is the income tax information of your family, fourth is valid annual income documents of your family.

Once all of this documents are ready, scan them and contact with the McNair Scholarship Program Manager at: or

Don’t forget to write ‘McNair Scholarship Application’ as the subject of the Email. This is how to apply for this scholarship.

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