University of California Student Support Services Scholarship (SSS) – Study In USA

University of California Student Support Services Scholarship (SSS) – Study In USA

Student Support Service(SSS) Scholarship of University of California,Berkeley

University of California, Berkeley is really dedicated and helpful to its students. No matter what is the background is, every student owns a chance in University of California, Berkeley. To encourage the students from families where there is no higher educated persons and the family financial condition is not capable of handling the cost of higher education, Student Support Service Scholarship is awarded to these kind of students. There are families, where there is no higher educated person. And only one child of that family could complete the high school and gained the capability to get into university. Obviously it becomes difficult to get family support for these kind of students to continue higher education. Student Support Scholarship comes here as a life saver and help the students to complete their higher education in university with a lot of benefits and opportunities.

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Benefits of the Student Support Service Scholarship:

This scholarship is a need based scholarship. That is why the benefits vary from student to student. The overall benefits are:

  1. Educational accessories like books, papers, pens and other staffs are provided to the scholarship winners for free.
  2. Personally tutor facilities.
  3. Direct mentoring by faculty members.
  4. Internship and job opportunities after the completion of education program.
  5. Tuition fee reduction up to 100% based on the financial condition of the family
  6. Part-time job opportunity at campus premiere.

These are the main benefits of this scholarship. There are others benefits too. But these are the most offered facilities to the scholarship winners.

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As you know this scholarship is a need based scholarship. So there are some certain eligibility directly related to the financial condition of the family and educational level of the family members. The eligibility are:

  1. Applicant must be a first generation student from his/her family. First generation student means he is the first one who is going to be a university graduate.
  2. The family financial condition must be poor
  3. The annual income must be less than some predetermined value.
  4. Applicant must be enrolled in University of California, Berkeley.
  5. For international students, they must reside in US.

The following table shows the threshold of income to be eligible for this scholarship. This table is based on average monthly income.

Scholarhip of Univeristy of California-scholarshipcare

If a student fulfills all of the conditions described above, then he/she is considered as eligible for this scholarship.

How to Apply:

Student Support Service scholarship is funded by US Department of Education. And this scholarship is organized by Academic Achievement Division of University of California, Berkeley. That is why the application process is not directly university office related. To apply for this scholarship, student must apply through Academic Achievement Division. Use the link below to go to the application page. If the scholarship offer is available, there will be an application form. And if it is not available, it’ll show the next offering date.

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  1. I am Anu Richard from Ghana and a graduate fro. University of Cape coast and also graduated with a second class(lower division)in Early childhood education. Please i am the only person who have attended University in my family and see myself to meet the prerequisite requirement please.

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