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The main goal of the B.Com programme is to provide general education to enable the students function as middle-level personnel in commerce and industry. The specific objectives of the programme are to: – Assist students to develop the capacity for critical thinking. – Equip students with knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable them perform effectively as individuals and employees of organisations. – To assist students to develop an understanding of the concepts, models and theories relevant to the management of people in work organisations. – Provide opportunities to develop interpersonal, teamwork and change management skills. – Develop their abilities to understand and appreciate emerging national and international business issues. – Lay the foundation for further education and professional development in Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing and related fields.

Admission Requirements :A. Post-Senior Secondary School Candidates

Holders of Senior Secondary School Certificate are admitted into the four-year Bachelor’s programme.

Basic Entry Requirements:

  1. Candidates must have passes in six (6) subjects with overall aggregate of twenty (20).
  2. Three of the six subjects must be core subjects (including English Language, Integrated Science and Mathematics) and the other three must be in relevant elective subjects.
  3. In addition to the above, candidates must satisfy Faculty requirements as indicated below:
  • Candidates must obtain passes in Core English, Core Mathematics and Integrated Science.
  • Candidates must also have passes in three (3) elective subjects under Accounting option subjects. Accounting plus any two (2) of the following subjects: Introduction to Business Management, Business Mathematics and Principles of Costing, Economics and Elective Mathematics.


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