University of Cape Coast PHD Programmes

University of Cape Coast PHD Programmes

A. Department of English

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 PhD (English Language)
 PhD (Literature in English)
 MPhil (English Language)
 MPhil (Literature in English)

B. Department of History

 PhD (History)
 M Phil (History)
 MA (History)
C. Department of Religion and Human Values
 PhD (Religion and Human Values)
 MPhil (Religion and Human Values)

D. Department of French

 PhD (Language and Didactics of French)
 MPhil (Linguistics and Didactics in French)
 MPhil (African Literature and Civilization)
 MPhil (French Literature and Civilization)

E. Department of Ghanaian Languages

 MPhil (Ghanaian Language) Akan/Ewe/Ga

F. Department of Music

 PhD (Ethnomusicology)
 PhD (Music Education)
 MPhil (Ethnomusicology)
 MPhil (Music Education)

G. Department of Classics and Philosophy

 MPhil (Classics)
 MPhil (Philosophy)
 MA (Classics)
 MA (Philosophy)

H. Centre for African and International Studies

 PhD (International Studies)
 PhD (African Studies)
 MPhil (International Studies)
 MPhil (African Studies)
 MA (International Studies)
 MA (African Studies)


A. Department of Economics

 PhD (Economics)
 MPhil (Economics)

B. Department of Geography and Regional Planning

 PhD (Geography and Regional Planning)
 PhD (Geography)
 MPhil (Geography and Regional Planning)
 MPhil (Geography)
 MA (Geography and Regional Planning)
 MA (Geography)

C. Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management

 PhD (Tourism Management)
 PhD (Hospitality Management )
 MPhil (Tourism Management)
 MPhil (Hospitality Management)

D. Department of Population and Health

 PhD (Population and Health)
 MPhil (Population and Health)

E. Department of Sociology and Anthropology

 PhD (Sociology)
 MPhil (Sociology)
 MA (Sociology)

F. Institute for Development Studies [IDS]

 PhD (Development Studies)
 MPhil (Peace and Development Studies)
 MPhil (Development Studies)


Department of Human Resource Management

 PhD (Human Resource Management)
 MCom (Human Resource Management)
 MBA (Human Resource Management)

Department of Accounting and Finance

 PhD (Accounting)
 MCom (Accounting)
 MBA (Accounting)

Department of Finance

 PhD (Finance)
 MCom (Finance)
 MBA (Finance)

Department of Management

 PhD (Management)
 MCom (Management)
 MCom (Public Policy Management)
 MCom (Health Services Management)
 MBA (Management)
 MSc (Public Policy Management)
 MSc (Health Services Management)

Centre for Entrepreneurship and Small Enterprise Development

 PhD ((Entrepreneurship and Small Enterprise Development)
 MCom (Entrepreneurship and Small Enterprise Development)
 MBA (Entrepreneurship and Small Enterprise Development)

Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management

 PhD (Marketing)
 MCom (Marketing)
 MCom (Project Management)
 MCom (Procurement and Supply Chain Management)
 MBA (Marketing)
 MSc (Project Management)
 MSc (Procurement and Supply Chain Management)


A. Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation [HPER]

 PhD (Health Promotion)
 PhD (Physical Education)
 MPhil (Physical Education)
 MPhil (Health Education)

B. Department of Vocational and Technical Education [VOTEC]

 MPhil (Home Economics)
 MPhil (Vocational and Technical Education)

C. Department of Science

 PhD (Science Education)
 MPhil (Science Education)

D. Department of Mathematics and ICT Education

 PhD (Mathematics Education)
 MPhil (Mathematics Education)