University of Ghana Medical School Korle Bu Teaching Hospital

University of Ghana Medical School Korle Bu Teaching Hospital

Korle Bu Teaching Hospital Commitment to Educating Healthcare Professionals

Since its establishment in 1923, Korle Bu has been a veritable training centre for various cadres of health professionals. Indeed in 1924, just a year after its establishment, Governor Frederick Gordon Guggisberg announced his vision for attaching a medical school to the hospital for the training of African medical doctors. He contended that such a school would provide that the relevant practical exposure to students.

This vision could, however, not be implemented during his administration and fell to the lot of Guggisberg’s successor, Governor A.R. Slater who thought the time was not ripe for such a school. However, Korle Bu in spite of the absence of medical school for offering on the job training for candidates with the required educational backgrounds to become nurses, dispensing technicians and theatre assistants, among the array of professionals required for the seamless delivery of healthcare. This continued until the formal establishment of training colleges and schools for the training of the appropriate professionals.

The state continued to sponsor the training of medical doctors abroad until the establishment of the Ghana Medical School in 1962 in the hospital premises.Today, Korle Bu offers a medical postgraduate specialist training on a range of subspecialties under the aegis of the West African Postgraduate Collge of Physicians and Surgeons as well as the Ghana College of Physician and Surgeons.

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