University of Ghana UGRC

University of Ghana UGRC

UGRC Registrations Leaves Many Level 100 Students In Confusion

The Academic Affairs Department of the University of Ghana opened the window for level 100s and 200s to register for the University of Ghana Required Courses (UGRC) but there seem to be a wind of confusion blowing through.
A number of students, especially Level 100s are seriously complaining that they have been unable to select the courses they are to do this semester because it is already full leaving behind courses they have already taken last semester.

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Students are confused as to what they are to do next now that information indicates that they will have to wait till next semester to register for those courses – obviously bringing the worry of a burden of courses with many wondering how that could happen because the management of the University should know the number of students they have and then create its number of corresponding groups.

Brief Background

The University of Ghana Required Courses ( UGRC ) was introduced a few years ago into the academic schedule of the University of Ghana to equip students to be all round because they will have bits and pieces of some special courses/life events by the time they graduate. In all, an undergraduate student of the University of Ghana is to take 6 UGRC; 4 at level 100 and 2 at level 200. There will be no graduation for students who don’t take even a single of these courses. Some of these courses include Critical Thinking And Practical Reasoning, Numeracy Skills, Academic Writing, Earth Resources, African Studies among others.

Most level 100 student who were unable to register for this semester’s courses due to the unavailability of groups are however in a limbo as to what to do next. All efforts made to get the students representative council to clarify issues proved unsuccessful.

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