University of Ghana Vision Statement

University of Ghana Vision Statement

Bringing good health, comfort and happiness to people

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Our mission is to produce highly qualified and competent health professionals and medical scientists to provide promotive, preventive and curative services to meet the health needs of the nation and the global community through world class excellence in teaching, research and dissemination of knowledge.

We will draw on our diverse but complementary core competences in Nursing, Medicine, Dentistry, Public Health Allied Health Sciences, Biomedical Research and Consultancy Services to meet existing and emerging health challenges in order to compete effectively in the globalized world.

We will strive to create a working environment that fosters dedication, co-operation and rewards hard work, initiative and creativity.

We will always be guided by the needs of our stakeholders including students, patients, private and public organizations, local and international community and provision of our services.

We will position ourselves to promote and utilize emerging technologies to enhance the quality of our services.

In all our activities, we shall uphold the highest level of professionals ethics, openness, fairness and honesty.

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