Vigo Remittances Money Transfer

Vigo Remittances Money Transfer

Vigo global money transfer review

What is Vigo?

Vigo is a company that transfers money to 50 countries with an emphasis on Latin America.

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Unlike a lot of other providers, you can’t initiate a money transfer online with Vigo. Instead, you’ll need to visit a verified physical location. To find an agent near you, visit the Vigo website and click Find an agent location.

Vigo is owned by Western Union, so if you can’t find what you need, use one of Western Union’s 50,000 locations.

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Fees, transfer minimums and exchange rates

You have to visit an agent location or bank for specific information about the currencies you want to transfer. Exchange rates, transfer minimums and transfer methods vary depending on the agent location, with transfer fees starting at $4.

Available countries

You can transfer money within the United States as well as 21 other countries in Latin America, Eastern Europe and the Caribbean. Countries include Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Peru and Colombia.

How do I send money through Vigo?

Vigo is a money transfer service that was bought by Western Union in 2005. It allows individuals to send money, primarily remittances, from the United States and Canada to Latin America and the Caribbean. In fact, Vigo allows people to send money to and from about 50 countries all around the world, but remittances from the United States to Latin America still remain the largest part of their business. Sending money with Vigo is a relatively easy undertaking.

Vigo started as a remittances agent in New York to help migrants send money home to Brazilian communities.

Step 1

Find out whether Vigo sends money to your country. To do that, visit their website at

Vigo primarily serves customers in Latin America, the Caribbean and Eastern Europe.

Step 2

Call Vigo at 1-800-777-8784 to find out the agent closest to your area. Visit the agent with Class A identification (e.g., passport or a driver’s licence), the money you want to send (cash, debit card, personal check or money order) and the address and name of the receiving party.

Step 3

After you give the money to the agent (along with a small fee), the receiving party will get the money in a timely manner (the time you have to wait depends on whether the funds should be deposited in the beneficiary’s bank account, be delivered to his home or transferred to a local agent for payout; the transfer time can range from less than one day to two or three days). Money can be delivered to the recipient in person in Peru, Dominican Republic, Haiti, India and the Philippines. Otherwise, the recipient must visit the closest Vigo agent to get his money transfer or get the transfer wired to his bank account, if he has one. The recpient is required to show identification in order to receive the money

What to look out for

  • Physical locations only. Vigo isn’t an online money transfer service. To send money, you must visit a brick-and-mortar store or bank.
  • Exchange rates and fees aren’t set in stone. Details vary depending on your specific agent or bank.

Pros and cons


  • Transfer to 21 countries.Includes the US and countries in Latin America, Europe and the Caribbean.


  • No online transfers.This is especially inconvenient if you don’t live close to a Vigo agent location.
  • Transfer fee.Fees start at $4 a transfer. But you can find other online money specialists with $0 fees.
  • Opaque website.You won’t find much information about Vigo on its site.

How long has Vigo been in business?

Vigo has been in business for 25 years and is owned by Western Union — which was founded in 1851. WU purchased Vigo in 2005.

Next steps

To get started with Vigo, visit its site to find a local agent. Then visit that agent with your funds, ID and recipient details to make a money transfer.

Bottom line

No online transfer option is a point against Vigo. As is a website that doesn’t offer much in the way of letting you know how it works.

But you’ll find many Vigo agent locations with the option of visiting thousands more through Western Union.

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