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WASSCE / WAEC Agric science Syllabus

This syllabus has been designed to portray Agricultural Science as an applied science with emphasis on the acquisition of knowledge and skills associated with the content. A general review of the Junior Secondary School Agricultural Science syllabus is presumed.

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Candidates will be expected to answer questions on all the topics set out in the column headed syllabus.

The notes therein are intended to indicate the scope of the questions which will be set, but they are not to be considered as an exhaustive list of limitations and illustration.

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Every school offering Agricultural Science must:

  • establish a farm where crops are grown;
  • keep at least one species of ruminant and one non ruminant;
  • establish a fish pond where feasible.

Candidates should have practical notebooks which should contain records of individual activities based on laboratory and individual observations carried out on the school farms, field trips and also records of specimens collected.

In order to enhance effective teaching/learning process and better performance of candidates, continuous assessment of candidates is recommended.

it is recommended that the study of Agricultural Science in the Senior Secondary School be supplemented by visits to well established government and private experimental and commercial farms, agricultural research institutes and other institutions related to agriculture.

Download The Syllabus: WASSCE / WAEC Agric science Syllabus

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