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WASSCE / WAEC 2023 Syllabus

Welcome to the largest WASSCE / WAEC Syllabus page on the web. This page contains dozens of the latest WASSCE / WAEC syllabus for virtually every subject.

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It has helped thousands of students reach their goals and it’s here to help you too, if you’re willing to put in some work.

Importance of the WASSCE / WAEC syllabus

They include:

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  • Prevents confusion on policies relating to a course

The WASSCE / WAEC syllabus was created by WAEC to ensure a fair and impartial understanding between the instructor and students, such that there is minimal confusion on policies relating to a course.

  • Provides an outline of topics to cover prior to the WASSCE

The WASSCE / WAEC syllabus provides an outline of topics students should cover before they sit for the WASSCE / WAEC exam. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that questions on the WASSCE / WAEC exam would come from every topic on the WASSCE / WAEC syllabus.

Some questions on the WASSCE / WAEC exam may require knowledge of abstract topics.

For example, students who plan to write Elective / Further Mathematics on the WASSCE are required by WAEC to study Trigonometry. However, questions on trigonometry may require knowledge of Algebra from General / core Mathematics.

  • Keeps students up to international education standards

The WAEC syllabus also keeps students up to international educational standards.

For example, topics to be covered on the WASSCE / WAEC Chemistry syllabus are similar to those that should be covered on the SAT II Chemistry syllabus. That’s why students who study topics covered on the WASSCE / WAEC Chemistry syllabus can easily attain a high score on the SAT Subject Test on Chemistry.

  • Helps prevent failure

There are many reasons students fail to pass the WASSCE / WAEC exam with good grades. One of these reasons is that they are not aware of every topic they should master prior to the WASSCE / WAEC exam

It’s worse considering that most textbooks or teachers don’t cover all the topics of the WASSCE / WAEC syllabus for their respective subjects’ states. Some students don’t even have access to WASSCE / WAEC syllabus in their respective schools. It’s like preparing for a war with no idea of the capabilities, tactics, or terrain of your enemy.

  • Prepare for the worse

You are not fully prepared for the WASSCE / WAEC exam if you are not conversant with the topics WAEC instructs you should treat before you write the test.

Solving WASSCE past questions is a good thing, at least, we all know that most of what WAEC does is to recycle or repeat old questions. However, they could bring an unpopular question to a future exam so don’t be caught unawares. The WAEC / WASSCE syllabus for different subjects, which we provide on this page is your friend. With it, you’d be aware of topics to cover in your study, so you would be prepared for the worse.

Students who can use the WASSCE / WAEC syllabus on this page

1). Students from the following Anglophone West African countries can use the WASSCE / WAEC syllabus for different subjects on this page:

  • Ghana
  • Sierra Leone
  • Liberia
  • The Gambia
  • Nigeria

2). Students who are motivated and eager to pass the WASSCE.

WASSCE / WAEC syllabus by subject


WASSCE / WAEC Agric science Syllabus

WASSCE / WAEC Physics Syllabus

WASSCE / WAEC Mathematics Syllabus

WASSCE / WAEC English Syllabus

WASSCE / WAEC Inter Science Syllabus

WASSCE / WAEC Insurance Syllabus

WASSCE / WAEC Government Syllabus

WASSCE / WAEC Further maths Syllabus

WASSCE / WAEC Home management Syllabus

WASSCE / WAEC Chemistry Syllabus

WASSCE / WAEC Accounting Syllabus

WASSCE / WAEC Economics Syllabus

WASSCE / WAEC Computer Syllabus


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