When is the Ghana Police Service Recruitment Forms Coming Out

When is the Ghana Police Service Recruitment Forms Coming Out

When is the Ghana Police Service Recruitment Forms Coming Out? Steps for Ghana Police Service Recruitment Application: How To Apply

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Step One (1): Ghana Police Recruitment Purchase of Voucher

Purchase a Voucher from any Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB) branch for Fifty Ghana Cedis (GH¢                                    50.00).

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Provide official names, date of birth, active email address and mobile phone number to the bank as                                part of the purchase.

The applicant shall maintain the same details throughout the application process and training. The                               purchased Voucher is not transferable;

Step Two (2): Ghana Police Recruitment Online Application Portal

Having purchased a Voucher, the Applicant should log on to the online recruitment portal                  at https://police.gov.gh.services with these recommended browsers;

(1) Mozilla Firefox

(2) Google Chrome or

(3) Internet Explorer

Step Three (3): Ghana Police Recruitment Online Application Details

A page will open, which will require the Applicant to CONFIRM VOUCHER or SIGN IN. Click on CONFIRM VOUCHER, a new page will open, which will require you to answer a few questions leading to the creation of account.

This is how to create an account:

  1. enter the email address used in purchasing the Voucher;
  2. pick or choose any password which will be known to you alone and which you can remember;
  3. confirm the password; and
  4. verify the Voucher purchased by entering the Serial Numberand PIN.

Step Four (4): Ghana Police Recruitment Confirming Pin and Serial Number

Enter serial and pin and CONFIRM.

Step Five (5): Ghana Police Recruitment Creating of Profile

Create a profile. To create a profile, enter your personal details such as your name, date of birth, age, height, nationality, etc

Step Six (6): Ghana Police Recruitment Choosing Your Category

Choose a category of your choice.

Step Seven (7): Ghana Police Recruitment Upload Your Educational Background

Enter your educational background details

Step Eight (8): Ghana Police Recruitment Upload Your Passport.

Upload a passport picture of yourself.

Step Nine (9): Ghana Police Recruitment Reviewing Your Data

Applicant should ensure that all information submitted is accurate. Review your information on the summary page by reading through the summary page carefully. Click on the EDIT button if there are any changes to be made.

You may also SAVE your entries by clicking on the NEXT button. If you want to return to the page later to edit or continue with the entries, click on the LOG OUT button, or submit your application.

Step Ten (10): Ghana Police Recruitment Submitting Your Application

Submit your application by clicking on the GENERATE YOUR DECISION button to complete the first stage of the application process.

Once the GENERATE YOUR DECISION button is clicked, you cannot make any changes to the Application Form. The decision on the Application will show on the screen either as QUALIFIED for an Applicant who has qualified for the next stage of the application process or NOT QUALIFIED for an Applicant who has been disqualified.
The reasons for disqualification will be displayed on the page. Print and keep a copy of the generated report as you will be required to present it at the next stage of physical screening. An instant message will be sent to you by e-mail and text message, which reveals a tracking number for qualified Applicants.

Note: If you are not qualified, you may purchase a new voucher and try a new category.

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