Wisconsin BA Business Studies, Human Resource Management

Wisconsin BA Business Studies, Human Resource Management

The Bachelor of Arts Business Studies, Human Resource Management programme equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to work in the field of Human Resources in areas such as recruitment, management of company benefits and pay schemes, employee relations and shaping corporate HR policies and structure.

The programme also provides a solid foundation for postgraduate study or further qualification with professional bodies e.g. Institute of Human Resource Management Practitioners.

Teaching methods: A variety of methods of instruction are used, including lectures and discussion, case studies and small group work. Assessment is through assignments, projects and exams.

Study options: Regular, weekend and evening classes are available.

Courses offered include:

• Human Resource Management

•Human Resource Development

• Labour Law

• Human Resource Planning

• Employee Relations

• International Human Resource Management

• Organizational Health & Safety

• Pensions & Social Insurance Schemes

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