Women’s World Banking Ghana Loans

Women’s World Banking Ghana Loans

Our Loan Products

Individual Micro Loan

Short term business loan for financing working capital and asset acquisition of micro business.

Basic Requirements

  1. As little as GH¢20.00 to open an account with any form of a valid national identification
  2. Savings or Current Account with WWB Ghana
  3. Non-account holders with a good track record from another financial institution with guarantor(s) and collateral
  4. Cash collateral
  5. Movable/non moveable collateral like cars, land property
  6. 6 to 12 months bank statement from other financial institution(s)
  7. Business must be on–going
  8. Guarantor(s)

Salary Loan

Loan facility offered to salaried employees of reputable private companies and government institutions. Employees who take regular monthly salary can access loan from WWBG to solve pressing financial problem. Loan repayment will be done through deduction at pay source or issuing of post-dated cheques.

Basic Requirements:

  1. Employment on permanent terms for a minimum period of one year
  2. Original copies of endorsed salary pay slips for 3 months prior to loan application
  3. Bank statement of applicant
  4. Copy of employment appointment letter or contract/confirmation letter
  5. Undertaking from employer
  6. Guarantor(s)


This product is available to Microfinance Institutions in the micro sector of the economy to on-lend. The institutions must have been in business for a minimum of one (1) year and have at least 500 clients.

Basic Requirements:

  1. Must be willing to operate an account with WWBG
  2. License(BOG)
  3. Application letter
  4. Resolution letter
  5. Company information
  6. Directors/management profile
  7. Auditors financial statement
  8. One year bank statement
  9. Management accounts
  10. Collateral
  11. Assignment from reputable financial institution as collateral will be an advantage


This product is available to small and medium enterprises with a minimum credit turnover of GHc 100,000 for a year operation.

Basic Requirements:

  1. Must be willing to operate an account with WWBG
  2. Application letter
  3. Resolution letter (if there are board of directors)
  4. Company/Enterprise information
  5. Directors/management profile
  6. Auditors financial statement
  7. One year Bank statement
  8. Management account
  9. Collateral(Movable/ non moveable collateral like cars, landed property etc)

Group Loan

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